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“A Luminescent Spirit”

“After living in Utica, NY for more than 8 years, I found that I needed to relocate. It was a difficult decision as well a difficult transition. It was hard to leave.


During my residence there I became accustomed to taking regular walks in my West Side neighborhood. These walks eventually expanded to Union Station and Bagg’s Square, then out to South and West Utica. I witnessed a gritty and real expression of that particular city which many seemed reluctant to discuss.


Yet, it is this lifestyle that reflects the guts and muscle of Utica. Some may want to believe that it is a disservice to expose such aspects of life, but I disagree. To reveal this otherwise unseen experience, speaks not only to the endurance and strength of the people of Utica, but to that of the likewise unseen and enduring spirit of the bricks and pavement that lingers decade after decade. I pay homage the spirit of Utica with many of my urban images - evidence of the life that passes through it. I hope this is only the beginning of my exploration.


Additional paintings on this site represent my travels and residencies across the US, over the years as well as studies for future bodies of work. These images are thoroughly tempered by my understanding of life and beauty as I have experienced it throughout my life.


Burke ‘15

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