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Neptune Studio

The image to the left is of an oil painting by J. Burke. The painting is a depiction of the transformers outside the original brick and mortar Neptune Studio, founded in 2004.


The studio and Muree M. Bronner Gallery (contained within the Neptune building) provided an outlet for and access to local art and artists as well as those across the US. Neptune Studio was the focal point of the multi community Independent Art Studio Tour which had it’s first run in 2008 and continued to run annual tours through 2011. In October of 2012 the Studio building closed its doors permanently, but the spirit carries on.


Currently this web-site is organizing artists for online exhibition and sales, as plans for a new actual Neptune Studio and Gallery are being formulated.  In a rural community just North-East of Cooperstown, NY, Neptune is scheduled to re-emerge in 2022 as a seasonal studio retreat with gallery events throughout the summer.


Artists who are interested in participating in the online gallery should inquire at:

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